Fairly Flourished


Curves like canyons,
skin like river stones,
you move like roses with
the wind and stand tall
against the rain.

Your gaze is a star and I’m just
one man aging under
the sun.

For me you are vast like the
cosmos and to the earth you
are as abundant as the fresh
water that nourishes it.

Mind like a serpent’s, foolish,
delicate, sharp, I long to hold
you in my arms.

Poetry by leaveyouapen

Any must see places/recommended hikes for LA/Orange County/San Diego or around those areas? I’ll be there in two weeks!

Any must see places/recommended hikes for LA/Orange County/San Diego or around those areas? I’ll be there in two weeks!

You were one thing only: infinity. — Six Word Story

Buntzen Lake » Griffin Lamb {VSCO Grid}


Buntzen Lake » Griffin Lamb {VSCO Grid}

(via infinityofpossibility)

In madness lies the missing peace. — Six Word Story

growingirons said: I don’t get it. Or maybe I don’t agree? I can’t tell.

Hey, I’m really glad you commented! First thing to say is that it was a silly idea to try and express something that I have lots to say about in six words. It’s just this line hit me in my head, and it summed it up well for me, and then I tried to reduce it, which you shouldn’t ever do and if you do it should be a clear universal message, so clearly it didn’t work! The line was: White lies to the Self are the best friends of the future. That’s not much different, but the self part is important.

By white lies to the self I mean the things we tell ourselves, like we’ll do this or that, and more importantly, we are this or that. It ends up being stories and narratives, which are ultimately what we all tell each other in every day life. It’s like a protective realm we create for each other, and this ends up creating fear and suppressing expression, but that’s a different story.

I say they are best friends with the future and I mean that in a cynical or sarcastic way. I’m getting better but I usually was telling myself white lies all the time, and they are only validated by the future. If I was talking about now, I would be struck by all I haven’t done at my age. The more vividly I picture the future, the more I realise I am only the sum total of my actions, not my thoughts. My thoughts are infinite, and white lies validate too many of them, or at least enough to leave me satiated, which leaves a gap between my reality and actual reality that gets bigger over time, and creates some longing pain. For me, identifying white lies is like highlighting the cancer of the mind. If you are truly honest with yourself every day, you will be either forced into action or pushed into making peace with yourself, one that will not be falsified by time.